Trouble in Red Larch/Unexpected Reunion
More is learned of the weather surrounding Red Larch. An old friend is found.
The Road to Red Larch
The separate stories of the adventurers bound for Red Larch.





Sehanine Moonbow
Events come to light

 As they looked upon the house, engulfed in flames, a figure came walking out of them. The figure was a beautiful moon elf, with silver skin and sky blue hair that seemed to shimmer like stars. She wore silver mail and had a beautiful bow. She was adorned with the symbol of the half moon with a night's sky above it. 

  This was Sehanine Moonbow, Daughter of the Night Skies, Goddess of Moonlight, Lady of Dreams, The Luminous Cloud, The Lunar Lady, Moonlit Mystery, The Mystic Seer. She informed the party that it was her who had brought them here, through dreams. Their forms were specters of themselves, their true bodies remained where they fell asleep, unharmed. However, the house was real, as were the children she saved. 

   With that, she brought life back to both Thorn and Rose. She revealed that the sword Ted had taken was a divine sword, one of her own. Ted swore to become her worshipper and he was allowed to keep the sword. Sehanine then told them of bad omens. It appeared that the gods were attempting to bridge the gap between the heavens and the earth. Gods were no longer only the domain of Paladins and Clerics, their power had become apparent in other worshippers as well.

   She told the party to make their way towards Red Larch, where signs of worshippers of Talos, god of destruction and the storm, had been spotted. The party had their goodbyes with Rose and Thorn, and all faded back to mist.

The beginning

     Cecil, Sif, and Ted awoke to mist. After encountering odd images in the mist, they stumbled into a dark road, surrounded by mist, only able to see each other and an old house in the distance.  After some chatter, they heard sobbing near the house. It was a small boy, being consoled by his sister. The children were Rosavalda and Thornboldt Durst. "Rose" then told them of a monster in the house that their parents were trying to fight, and asked them for help.

     Upon entering the house, the door locked and the children vanished. The more they explored the house the house, the more obvious it became that it is a place of evil. Signs of the occult, cannibalism, and murder were everywhere. Ultimately the found the bones of Rose and Thorn, who had starved to death, locked in their room. They were able to follow Sif, who had gathered their bones, and they led the party to the secret path to the crypts.

     In the crypts, they returned the children's bones to their graves, causing their forms to become physical, though made of magic. They also found a false, dead, body of Ted in an unnamed crypt. As they proceeded, the found a wooden statue of a vampire with a clouded crystal ball. After touching the crystal ball with Mage Hand, 5 shadow forms appeared. The party quickly dispatched them, with help from Rose, who turned out to be a sorcerer and mimiced Sif.

    Eventually they reached the a large chamber with stairs in the center leading up the dias, a whole in the west wall, and a drow man in chains hanging over a the dias. When Cecil approached him, his head snapped forward and he whispered "One must die!" and demanded someone die on the dias, or they would all die.

   The party refused to kill anyone, and they were attacked by an abomination, a cluster of body parts, apparently being controlled by the engulfed body of Gustav Durst. The party eventually defeated the monster, but not before Ted was absorbed and sent unconcious. Rose's hand arm then began to glow, heat emanating from it. It was a sign of Wild Magic, and a fireball spell was unleashed, killing the monster, freeing Ted, but knocking Cecil unconcious.

   With the help of Thorn, the party was back on their feet, but had to escape the chamber, now rapidly filling with water. Once they were back in the house, they found the walls to be on fire, the windows made of brick,  and the doors replaced by sharp pendulums.  Sif was able to find a way to disable the pendulums, and the party found great luck in avoiding many animated objects that lunged after them.

   Luck ran out when the fireplace engulfed Sif and knocked him out. Ted got him back to his feet, but in a panic, lept through the pendulum. His timing was off, the pendulum chopped off his arm, and he fell to the ground, as close to death as one can be. Sif was able to get to him in time, but his arm was still just a stub. They made it through the pendulums at last, Cecil awaiting on the other side, having deftly dodged through them. They ran out beyond the fence and looked back upon the house wreathed in flames.


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